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Livestock Watering
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SIJ 1-1000P-48 BL

Plunger Pump, 1GPM, 1000PSI, Brushless Motor

Category: SIJ - Plunger Pump Brushless

Product Details

Sun Pumps SIJ series triplex plunger pumps are high quality positive displacement pumps designed for low flow, up to 3.7 GPM (14 LPM) but very high pressure applications up to 1500 PSI (103 bar). They can be used as a high pressure injection pump, for pumping water up a mountain or for any high head or high pressure application. They come standard with a regulating unloader to assure system pressure control and to protect the pump.

The SIJ series plunger pumps are available with both brush type (BT) DC motors and brushless (BL) DC motors.The standard pump ends are made from brass but all stainless steel models are available for more corrosive chemicals on special request. Sun Pumps has more SIJ models to choose from that are not listed on the web site. If you do not see one that fits your application please contact us for help with your system design.

The SIJ series plunger pumps require a flooded suction up to a 60 PSI inlet pressure. These pumps have no suction lift capability.


SIJ Plunger Pump Brushless DC Data Sheet 2014.pdf

Sun Pumps SIJ Brushless DC Pump & PCC Controller
Sun Pumps SIJ Brushless DC Pump 2.5H
Sun Pumps PCC Controller 6.5H
SIJ Brushless DC Pump & PCC Controller

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