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SunPumps Solar Pumping Products and Power Systems

    Visit our media library for ideas and examples on how you can use solar to:
  • Be independent
  • Save money
  • Do things you never thought possible

    See the design center for help on designing complete solar power systems for any application:
  • Independent water systems for ranches, cabins or whole communities
  • High-volume water pumping for farm and orchard irrigation and city water supplies
  • Residential and commercial grid-tie systems that save money when the sun shines and use the power grid as needed
  • Stand-alone power systems for complete self-reliance

    We manufacture the best solar powered water pumps and controllers in the industry, right here in our own facility. Our products are used extensively around the world in undeveloped areas and large cities alike.
  • Submersible pumps for any depth
  • Centrifigal surface pumps
  • Triplex piston booster pumps
  • Pool pumps
  • Aereators
  • Pump controllers
  • Custom high-output power systems
  • Custom high-volume water pumping systems
  • Retrofit kits for jack pumps
We also sell the best of other manufacturers' alternative energy products, and can specify the correct products for any application.

  • In-house service on all the products we manufacture
  • Field kits for rebuilding pumps on site
  • Instructional videos for pump rebuilds
  • Technical support via phone and email

SunPumps is a proud sponsor of several charities involved in brining clean water to those who don't have it. We urge you to give even a small donation to these worthwhile causes.

We also recommend other businesses with whom we have had a close association.


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