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SJT10-120BL, Brushless DC Solar Shallow Well Jet Pump

Category: SJT - Jet Pumps

Shipping Weight: 35.80 lbs


Flow Range: 5-19 GPM (19-72 LPM)
Head Range: Up to 100 Ft. (30 Mt.)
Suction Lift at Sea Level: Up to 25 Ft. (7.6 Mt.)
DC Voltage Range: 75-120
Discharge Size: 1" NPT
Suction Size: 1 1/4" NPT

Product Details

Sun Pumps SJT series Jet Pumps are high quality, maintenance-free, DC powered pumps specifically designed for water delivery in remote locations. They operate on 180-1000 watts of DC power using solar modules as the power source.

Sun Pumps SJT series pumps were designed for use in shallow water wells. They have excellent suction lift capabilities and are primarily used to fill open storagetanks. Their small size and light weight allow easy installation by hand

Sun Pumps SJT series pumps are designed for use in stand alone water delivery systems. They are pollution-free,corrosion-free, self-lubricating and quiet. There is no better way to provide water for remote homes, villages, livestock, small farmsas well as many other needs beyond grid power.


SJT10-120BL Data Sheet.pdf
SJT-10-120 BL Performance Tables.pdf
SJT & PCA-120-120 BLS-M2 Manual, 11-28-2014.pdf
SJT Solar Jet Pump System Parts.pdf
SJT10-120BL Exploded View.pdf

Sun Pumps Jet Pump and Controller Brushless 3H
Sun Pumps PCA Controller
Sun Pumps SJT-Jet-Pumps-System-Layout
Jet Pump and Controller Brushless 3H

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